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I was born in 1980 in a family with a long history in art and science - music composers, painters, sculptors, scientists, and architects are known in our family since the XVIIIth century. They came to Russian Empire from Italy, Germany, Switzerland. These were people inspired and devoted to their passion - architect Alberto Kavos, painters Zinaida Serebriakova and Alexander Benua, sculptor Yevgeny Lansere, scientist Vladimir Engelhard - are probably some of the most famous among my ancestors.

Enchanted by the beauty of art and always curious about science, I graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute and started my own architectural practice in 2003. Intrigued by the computer graphics possibilities, I always created imaginary worlds in CAD as an illustration for my clients. Since 2010th I started to work more with IT and worked on smaller startup projects for online collaboration and project management.

But the dream to build a museum was always there. And when I learned about VR and Unreal Engine 4 - I realized what I should do! There is a possibility to bring Fine Art and History to every home, every school class, to the most distant regions, now deprived of cultural life, unable to participate in the global exchange of ideas and learn about the history of art, experience its beauty.

With Artheon VR Museum we can remove all borders, unite people in this global virtual Art space, allow collaboration and discussion between different geography, even between different time and space. Join us in building it!

Vasily Gnuchev

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